Daniel Klein

Talent Consultant

Having left school at the age of 18, I started my career as a technical support technician where I worked as a CCNA qualified network engineer. I quickly progressed into becoming a pre-sales engineer assisting the business development managers in the design and identification of which services we should be implementing on the clients site.

After working as a pre-sales engineer for a year, I made the move into becoming a business development executive specialising in providing managed cloud-based solutions to recruitment and asset management firms around the country.

After spending 3 years working in the technical sector for a high growth manged service provider, I decided to take the jump and start my career as a recruitment consultant.

Using my experience developed over the years, I specialise in finding cyber specialists for leading vendors across the country from series A through D funding during their most challenging growth cycles.

Outside of work you will normally find me hanging around Essex when I am not in the gym or socialising on the golf course on a summers day.