James Bull

Talent Principal

I began my recruitment career in London in 2011, straight out of University. Having lived my life in the countryside, moving to the city was a daunting move, but one I knew I needed to make if I was to fulfil my career aspirations.

Since this time, I have exclusively worked in the Cyber Security domain and have enjoyed building my knowledge of the changing technology within the cyber market and the ever-increasing business challenges relating to this. It has been an exciting and insightful period witnessing organisational awareness of the challenges and cyber threats increase until it is now considered a C-Level item on the agenda.

I can now boast having supported projects globally in multiple industry domains and most specifically within the Consulting, Financial Services & Defence sectors.

Helping deliver on these engagements allowed me to develop a strong network across EMEA, North America & Nordics and a track record of delivering niche skill sets with very quick turnaround. Clients come to me with the hard-to-fill requirements and understand that they can trust my integrity, knowledge and confidentiality.  

After incubating CyberStream US from London, and then moving to New York as one of the founding team. I knew the US market would present a new set of challenges in the most advanced security market in the world, whilst allowing me to explore a new diverse culture and meet exciting new people.

I’ve played many years competitive rugby and look forward to watching and comparing my favourite past time to American football.