Amit Patel

Talent Manager

As a Senior Manager within CyberStream; I currently manage our UK security practice. I’ve been working within the various TechStream brands for nearly 6 years including both EarthStream and CloudStream.

When the opportunity appeared to spearhead the CyberStream launch in the UK, I new it was the next logical career move for me. Develop a market leading brand and build a niche technology market.

During my recruitment career I have gained over 10 years’ technology experience across multiple markets including Financial Services, Transportation and Integrators. All the projects I’m involved with have a heavy technical slant and I’m best known for my work around application development.

My clients are aware that by standing still and not allowing technology to drive their business, they run the risk of being left behind or even worse becoming extinct. This is why we work in partnership to deliver the best talent available.

Most recently I spent over a year onsite supporting an international HR function delivering their talent this valuable insight into their practices & processes has allowed me to enhance my own skills set and I hope to become a better consultant and manager.

The seismic changes occurring in technology and security meant the move to focus my skills in such a high impact market was simple. I now look forward to working with new client and building a critical network to support our build.